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Kinetic Life Coaching
Who Needs Life Coaching? And What is It?
Kinetic Coaching is for anyone who has a passion, a dream, and a drive to leave a legacy through their work.

Meet our clients Marc and Sharon.

A client *Marc came to us with an okay job that pays the bills (hello, cash!)

And he had a side hustle business that made him light up from the inside out (sexy!)

But Marc was stuck. He wanted to figure out how to get the sexy, in-the-flow, light-him-up work to bring in the cash.

That’s where we came in.

We help folks like Marc align their actions, life, money, and energy with the work that brings them joy – no matter how crazy, impossible, or unlikely it might seem.

Another Example

A client who truly loved our life coaching team is *Sharon. She’s a rockstar leader whose job description and daily work life had gone so far off track, she didn’t even know how to get back to her passion.

She used to be fit, vibrant, funny, and was climbing the career ladder so far that people got dizzy watching her.

By the time her career had worn down, she didn’t even know herself anymore.

“I need to find my voice,” she told us.

We rallied the Kinetic Life LIberators to design a Kinetic Life Blueprint for her, including:

  • Our Body Engineers, to help her reclaim her Fitness Identity as she knew it
  • Our Trauma Counselor, to help her unearth the childhood trauma patterns that kept her in people-pleasing, play small mode
  • Our Head Coach, to do a total Personality Assessment Workup and start to unravel which strengths would help Sharon get back into rockstar mode once again

Coaching helps you reclaim your passion, your purpose, and your rockstar presence.

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