Three Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Career Change

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am psychologically unemployable.  I diagnosed myself long ago and lately, I see that others have done so as well, especially after Covid! Hello Great Resignation. How do we CREATE the thing we were supposed to do?  The answer: through careful examination, which requires introspective questioning. Grab and journal, and come over to Three Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Career Change

3 Ways to Stop Using Blame, Shame, and Guilt

What motivates you? Better yet, where do you derive your motivation from? These are some of the very first questions I ask anyone who is seeking support in bringing their A-game to anything they deem worthy of excelling in. “So, in other words, there is a distinction between CREATION and CONSUMPTION.” ~CHRIS JACKSON, KINETIC LIFE

Vision, Legacy, and Alignment


Everyone has a WHOLE bunch of stuff going in the day to day … that doesn’t always move us closer to our long term legacy or vision. Thinking about it just on New Year’s or during your Annual Review . . . ain’t enough. Grab your coffee or hot beverage of choice . . . Vision, Legacy, and Alignment

Transcendent Power: Bring Your (real) A-Game

Dutiful “Heart Centered Professionals” run on love, a nurturing energy that performs with compassion. When you mix love and duty together, you start to transcend the ordinary. But “powering” your way through anything isn’t sustainable, and the feeling of “white knuckling” your way to success, although necessary at times, doesn’t feel great. That isn’t the Transcendent Power Transcendent Power: Bring Your (real) A-Game