Your business is more than just the bottom line.

Welcome to Culture Shock:

Where Kinetic Companies are (Re)born.

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Welcome to Culture Shock:

Let me guess…

When you wrote your mission statement (you did write one, right?) you had a vision of engaged employees who were as invested in your vision as you are.

  • And then… business happened.
  • Bottom line concerns. Stakeholder demands.
  • Performance reviews that don’t change performance.
  • Putting out fires that need you now, so you don’t have the time or energy left to get back to building.

Where’s the mission in your methods? You want to get back to leaving your legacy through your work.

Introducing: Culture Shock
A Coaching and Consulting Experience for Mission-Driven Companies

You’ve tried motivational professional development workshops, being a compassionate leader, and pretty much All. The. Things. But the pulse of your company – the people – feels sluggish.

What you need is a Culture Shock. And what you don’t need is to shoulder a culture revamp all on your own. 

You need an awesome experience that will bring everyone into line behind the vision of the company (and keep them there!)

You need your company to be a home-away-from-home for your employees, a place where their well-being and their innovation go hand-in-hand.

Here are the Top 5 Frustrations I hear from mission-driven companies:

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How Can I Inspire Buy-In to What I Am Trying To Build?
How Do I Get My Team All on The Same Page?
How Can I Communicate with My Team Better?
How Can I Make Hard Decisions Easier?
How Can I Effectively Deal with Conflict?

    What Makes Up A Kinetic Culture?

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    The Personality Puzzle
    description coming soon
    Dynamic Communication
    description coming soon
    Values, in Action
    description coming soon
    Whole Life Health for All
    description coming soon
    Safety and Trust
    description coming soon
    Raising the Vibe of the Tribe
    description coming soon

    Imagine a workplace that embodies these principles. Innovation. Action. Cutting Edge. and THE sought after place to work.

    I’m Chris, Co-Founder of Kinetic Life.

    More than anything, I love illuminating the unique path for visionary geniuses, like you (and, your people!)

    I GET how putting out fires and day to day operations can put you further and further away from the things that make you feel like a razor sharp force of nature.

    From improving the impact of weekly meetings, to redesigning performance reviews so they make a real difference in performance (and loyalty) . . .

    Mission, Visions, Values…

    A paycheck isn’t enough!

    I’ve helped companies like Crossfit Stamford infuse their mission, vision, and values into every touchpoint with their employees and consumers.

    The thing is, your employees are spending most of their time doing work for you. But in today’s culture, a paycheck just isn’t enough to retain top talent and activate their full abilities.

    Nurturing Expectations

    Your team expects to be heard, valued, respected, and to grow. 

    That’s where we come in. Our Kinetic Life team brings total well-being into every aspect of your company’s living, breathing pulse.

    From our game-changing, proven assessment tools to our customized company health plan…. We’re bringing a whole-team, whole-heart approach to culture consulting.

    Let’s face it, the line between work and life is blurred – so let’s work together to deliver a kinetic work environment that drives productivity, genius, and legacy.