This one time in 2018

I found myself in Tijuana, Mexico

I was standing in between hundreds of piles of garbage, looked down, and found a RARE gem.

Usually what people bring back from Tijuana isn’t a life-changing lesson, but that’s what happened to me. More on that later…

but first, I’d love to introduce myself and my Kinetic Life Liberators!

I found myself in Tijuana, Mexico


But my middle name may as well be “culture shock”

  • I spent most of my life trying to fit in, longing for real connection, and trying to find my place along the many roads I have traveled. But yet I never felt like I was one with my hands on the wheel of my own life (can you relate?)
  • I am mixed. I am Black and I am Italian, born in New York, in the 70’s. Growing up, I never quite felt “black” enough nor “white” enough to find a place to fit in culturally.
  • In my twenties and early thirties, while my peers were entering the professional rat race, I was racing down the sidelines thousands of miles away in beautiful German soccer stadiums to roaring crowds, but instead of crushing professional goals, I was scoring touchdowns!
  • I’m a cusper, smack in between the “Gen X” and “Millennial” generations.
  • I’m Dad to both a baby, and also two grown-up cubs.
I’ve spent my life finding my place between two worlds. I know a thing or two about what it’s like to try to figure out which boxes I fit into.
Take a Moment

Let’s back it up a second, ‘cause that was a lot. I’m sensing that if you’re here, you know the feeling of giving your all but never feeling at peace, never knowing exactly how you fit in either personally or professionally.

Whether you got stuck in a job description you hate, or started a company with a strong mission and ended up losing control . . .

Twisting your frame to fit in sucks

Let’s call it what it is: life-sucking. Draining. Exhausting.

Your focus is always outwards, trying to take the pulse of the people around you so you can figure out your place.

Here’s to you, the heart-centered visionary who feels like they never quite fit in: 

It’s actually a sign that you were born to stand out.

You were born to break the mold.

Here’s what makes Kinetic Life and Business Coaching different from everything else out there: We’re a one-stop-shop for crushing your goals.
We at Kinetic Life firmly believe:
“How we do one thing is how we do everything.”

It’s not enough to just look through the lens of success or leadership.

If your health, relationships, or trauma points are still left hanging, you’ll be back where you started.

Together, my team and I make sure that all the bases are covered so you can lead your life and your work with peace, presence, and purpose.

You can think of me as your Project Manager for life.

After our Core Clarity Session, I’ll curate a whole team approach for you based around your goals for yourself, or your company.

I Promise To:

CHALLENGE your thinking, compassionately and respectfully

SAY THE THINGS NO ONE DARES TO SAY – and you’ll actually like it. 


WHIP OUT GRAPHICS AND VISUALS to help you learn in the way that suits you.

Let me introduce you to some of the awesome folks who are part of the Kinetic Life Rockstars:

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Chief Encouragement Officer
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Owner, Crossfit Stamford
Queen of Operations
Health Detective
Photographer and Essence Whisperer
Messaging and Copywriting Magician

My team is all about turning up and activating your PRESENCE so that you can crush it!

Let’s Get Back to Tijuana,

and the life changing lesson that put me on a path to serving others.

I was on a mission trip, in a region where families lived in shacks built into a landfill. Addiction and poverty ran rampant. I couldn’t see where we could find any hope in such a desolate environment.

One day, we took a group of kids out to the makeshift convenience store. And there, amidst unspeakable poverty, God delivered me a life-changing message.

I asked one of the kids what he would like to have, and he pointed to a pack of gum and a bag of Cheetos. As soon as he took them, he offered the bag of chips to everyone in the store. Next, he offered everyone some of the gum. 

All he left himself were 2 chips and a stick of gum. This child, deprived of everything that a typical kid should have, had absolutely zero concept of lack within him.

That day, God taught me that abundance is infinite, and is an inside job.

From that day forward, I knew it was my own life’s mission to help others discover the purpose that they were designed for. I always carry with me the memory of the innocence of a kid in a convenience store who showed me that beyond the noise of what we see and believe, there is always a path to inner abundance.


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